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Homer D. Poe

Family Resource Page

Scholarship, Grants, Money and homework help
When using this page it is important to read advise before clicking a link. This page is presented in three segments.

1.Scholarships and Grants    2. ?A. Bureau of Labor Statistics

3.Lost and forgotten treasureUnclaimed Fund

 Are you money smart?

Finance is one subject that?s neglected in our educational system.

Our children leave high school without ever understanding the importance of finance
to start our adult life and therefore could
fail to achieve a sound financial retirement.

This page is a step to your future.
Without a plan, could we fail?

Financial Literacy 
Protect yourself                                                        Learn                                            
Financial information for consumers
                             Every thing about MONEY                 

Repair your finances
Tired of being broke?
About GreenPath

GreenPath Debt Solutions is a nationwide, non-profit financial organization that assists consumers with credit card debt,
housing debt and bankruptcy concerns. The customized services and attainable solutions have been helping people
achieve their financial goals since 1961. 

Compassionate, professional credit counselors are committed to helping you solve your financial problems and
achieve your financial goals. Through debt counselingdebt management and financial education
they work with you to explore options and help you select the debt relief strategy that?s best for you.

How should you invest your money
in a 401 (k)?
Talk to someone in Human Resources and they?ll walk you through the plan. They can help you sign up and
show you how to manage your account.
If you don?t invest in a 401 (k) your are leaving money on the table every time you pick up a paycheck.