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Homer D. Poe

Best Practices and Support Forms

Team best practices and guidelines

Per a conversation I had with Sheriee today she gave me 2 options on how to direct a non profit
(501 (c) 3) inquiring or applying for a KaBoom playground, etc.  This program is under review
      The KaBooms we are getting in our region will be decided upon in the next month or so for 2010.
      If you would like to submit one please get all the information on the non profit and send it to Sheriee. 
      Also the non profit must have $7500.00 for this venture.  Be sure to tell your DM.  You
      must be sure to let the non profit know that everything is a year in advance and that this does not
      guarantee they will get a KaBoom, it is just an application process.  You may also refer them to
      the website where they also may apply, but this doesn't guarantee that we will be 
      involved or that they will get one either, it is just and application process. 
      Hope this helps!
      Contact Judy Custer store 2717

Please be sure that your giving the coupons to a non profit - 501 (c) 3 holder

WE CANNOT GIVE THESE COUPONS OUT FOR RAFFLES, GOLF OUTINGS, AUCTIONS, SILENT AUCTIONS, FUND RAISERS, PRIZES, BENEFITS, CHURCHES,  ETC.  Your local fire departments and police stations are always asking for this kind of stuff and as hard as it is we have to say no!!  Now if your manager wants to donate under store promotions or mark down something that is a different story and has nothing to do with Team Depot.  Abuse of these coupons could ruin this wonderful program.  Make sure you have control of them and that other associates are not giving them out.  We are responsible for each and every one of them.  We will go over best practices concerning this issue at our next meeting.

Discounts, Grants and Foundations

Ways to receive support:

~ Discount Coupons - A limited number of coupons valued at $25 are available for nonprofit organizations whose projects benefit the community. A letter on your organization's letterhead including details of the project, a copy of the 501 (c) (3) or W9 form/letter for your organization and a completed Home Depot Donation Request form are required to be eligible for consideration for a discount coupon.

 ~ Housing Impact Grants - Grants up to $3000 are available through an on-line application process for projects that include building or repairing affordable housing. Visit for guideline information and an application.

 ~ The Home Depot Foundation - Grants are available on-line for organizations whose efforts include building affordable housing responsibly and planting community trees. Visit for guideline information and an application.

The Home Depot does provide sponsorship for limited events. Please go to for more information and an application.

 The Home Depot works with schools and nonprofit organizations on educational programs for children. Our associates share their time and talents through our volunteer program, Team Depot.  Please contact your
Team Depot store captian for consideration of a program you would like The Home Depot to assist with.

 Thank you for your interest in The Home Depot and for giving back to our community. We hope that we can continue to work together to make our community a better place to live, work and play.

Shannon Lamb, Team Depot Captain           

Team Depot Tracker

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***Please remember all Team Depot Captains are allowed "2" hours a week on the clock.  This does not include our monthly meetings.  This is policy!!  If you have any problems getting your  2 hours, contact HR or your district manager.