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Homer D. Poe

Grants & Intern Jobs

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Your family Tax dollars have already paid for your
education, it?s your job to retrieve those dollars.

For most students trying for the first time to achieve
funding for there college tuition,
consider this a job that pays handsomely for the time you put in.
If you put in two hours to gain a $4,000.00 grant or scholarship.

This will be the first time in your life where your
efforts earn you $2,000.00 per hour,
and even more $$$$$ through a good education. 

Grant and Scholarship listings below

FTC Consumer Alert

Read this consumer alert to prevent from being scammed by a website offering to help you find grant and scholarship money

Grants & Intern Jobs in Michigan

Great Video for those starting college

 Reasons an Application Will Not Win a Scholarship or Grant
Applicant mailed the envelope without the application enclosed.
Applicant submitted an incomplete application.
Applicant forgot to include their name and/or address.
Applicant submitted an illegible or unintelligible application.
Applicant sent the application with insufficient postage-returned "postage due."
Applicant submitted irrelevant or inappropriate supporting documentation.
Applicant submitted a dirty or stained application.
Applicant applied for an award when falling short of the minimum requirements.
Applicant made a number of spelling errors. 
Applicant was rude or abusive to the judges.

Scholarships for Specific Ethnicities and Nationalities

Educator Labs Massive Search



Scholarship and Grants  By College name

Search over 7,000 colleges and universities to find the school
that best suits you. Find detailed information on each college:
admission statistics, tuition and fees, financial aid
and scholarships, academic majors and more.

 Office of Scholarships and Grants

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Wayne State scholarships

Federal student Aid

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Test preparation 
An introduction to the test and more! Sample questions for all sections
with tips on getting the right answers.

Introduction to the ACT - What is the ACT? Learn about the test format.
SAT or ACT? - Do you have to choose? What's the difference? SAT and ACT practice questions.
PSAT Information - The what, when and why of the PSAT. Try some practice math questions!
About the SAT II - How do colleges use the SAT II. What subjects should I take? 
Additional Test Preparation Resources is a great source for 1)test preperation 2)Higher Education 3)Career Advancement